Blog 20: Start of the Year Round-Up 2022

Blog 20: Start of the Year Round-Up 2022

Here at XV the focus has always been on giving customers a unique lifestyle experience. It's why we started our business in the first place – we couldn't find a perfect luxury duvet with a weighty, good quality fabric using the best texture, weave and print. So we made one.

In order to extend the XV experience to you, we always try to convey the feel of our products to you, both through descriptions on our website and also in person. We love visiting pop-up shops so you get the chance to stop by and see (and feel) our gorgeous homewares. It was a main reason for opening our first shop: giving you the XV experience.

Now that shop has had a luxury revamp: six weeks of hard work painting and rearranging has paid off. We've more shelves out front to show off all our ranges, and more space in back for stock. Now customers get the full XV experience of luxury homewares ready to install in stunning beachy homes. We love the new look so much, we're working on the goal of opening more shops across the South Coast in the future, (although our Yarmouth branch will always be XVHQ).


What's planned for this year? We're signing off on a new blue striped duvet, going into production next month. We're looking at converting one of our wallpapers into a duvet set, and planning to introduce a dash of red to our cushions later this year. We'll still have stripes as the design, but with a red backing. In autumn look out for velvets, a sensual limited edition just in time for log fires and heavier fabrics.  Designer Vicky is also finalising drawings for a simplified nautical collection of boats and ropes – a pared back version of the detail that you usually see on our prints.


Perhaps the biggest departure from the XV norm will be the launch of our 'Limited Edition', where we upcycle antique chairs and reupholster them in XV fabric. Taking unique pieces of furniture, we'll keep the original framework and update the chair in our clever XV way. Working with an antique dealer and upholsterer here on the island, we've already created a few bespoke pieces and they look divine. Now Izzey has set her sights on a pair of Elizabethan chairs that she knows will look amazing in white with the Seaview range. Footstool to match? These can be made to order: we'll find wooden feet from reclaimed items that can't be used any other way, and make a covered footstool from that. So clever!


We'll leave you with a little tip from our Izzey, who recently listened to Holly Willoughby's Reflections. This memoir is all about how it's okay to be okay, and Izzey found it a life-affirming, encouraging read. It gives points to ponder on, makes the reader realise that everyone has challenges, helps put life in perspective. Taking 15 minutes to dip in every morning is a great start to the day. Who knows, maybe an XV Book Club in the planning?

As always, thanks for reading, following, enjoying our lovely homewares and being an XV Club member. Best wishes until next time,

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