Article: The power of essential oils to aid sleep - Duxmore Botanics.

Article: The power of essential oils to aid sleep - Duxmore Botanics.

With our busy lives, it is sometimes difficult to take a moment to unwind and relax, in preparation for a good night’s sleep. Our wellbeing has perhaps come higher up the pecking order. Before now, we had been:

  • rushing around
  • commuting to and from work
  • juggling the work/life balance
  • trying to be ahead of our games.

Now our focus has shifted to daily exercise, moments of calm and taking care of ourselves and our wellbeing.

So why is sleep so important?

Sleep is so important; it affects how we look, feel and function. Not everyone can just switch off and snuggle down for a rested night’s sleep. Sometimes we need a little help. At Duxmore, we swear by the power of essential oils. Nothing beats the aromatherapeutic quality of carefully selected and blended pure essential oils. Extracted directly from the flowers, roots, twigs and leaves that encapsulate the very best qualities from the plant. There is something so grounding about essential oils; you can instantly connect with nature and start your journey to unwind.

Fragrance is so powerful. We can immediately connect with the emotional part of our brain with a simple whiff of a fragrance. This can transport us straight back to a memory, a favourite place or a moment in time.

How do we prepare for a good night’s sleep?

There are a few steps you can take to prepare for a good night’s sleep and help you to relax and unwind. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • taking a bath with your favourite scented products will help to ease tired, achy muscles and wash away the day’s stresses
  • taking a moment to breathe in the aroma of your favourite products, close your eyes and relax
  • massaging in your favourite products at night, such as when cleansing or applying your night oil, will help to bring a natural, healthy glow and ease tension.
  • and let’s face it, nothing beats going to bed with your favourite book
  • lighting a scented candle to add ambience
  • slipping into freshly laundered bed linen,

Creating the XV fragrance

We wanted to bring you the absolute best of nature. A field of freshly cut grass the day after mowing. The moment that grass starts to dry in the fields on a warm sunny day. That moment when you open the windows and the air fills the room with the subtle sweetness as the grass dries, with chamomile tones and coumarin notes. It is the very essence of a hot summer’s day and the height of harvest.

Its named after one of Izzey’s favourite places on the island.

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