Blog 5: Procrastination + a pandemic = errrh, launch a business?

Blog 5: Procrastination + a pandemic = errrh, launch a business?

When the idea of creating a striped duvet cover came to me, I never really thought it would become a reality – let alone have the potential of becoming a business.

The first XV photo shoot took place at my favourite beach on Compton island – a big thanks to a friend for this. It’s definitely where our XV strap line ‘Inspired by life on and off the water’ popped into my head. We had managed to evolve the idea of a blue striped duvet into a luxury bedding range that really had been inspired by a love for where I live.

Don’t avoid the scary

When we shared the photos from the Compton shoot with friends and family, the experience was more than inspirational. We decided then and there that we wanted to create more than just luxury bedding. We wanted to bring a lifestyle to people who longed for beach walks, fresh, salty air and interiors that took you back to being by the sea.  

Just months away from launching, there was so much to do, from opening bank accounts and choosing packaging to logistics and creating a website that connects all this stuff together. I stuck my head in the sand, I admit.

The list grew longer, not shorter. As soon as one thing was done, you’d realise you hadn’t done another. All these things needed to happen before we could launch or sell a single thing.

Even at this point, I was numb to what was really happening, which was perhaps a defensive tactic. It was like I was creating all these things for someone else for fun –  never really for my own business.

This time prior to launching was lockdown. Everything felt slow, and this led to further denial that I was about to start an e-commerce business. It just never felt very real or mine. I’m not sure whether other entrepreneurs have the same feeling. Even being called an entrepreneur didn’t really sound like me. I clearly had a lot to learn at this point.

It felt lonely, scary, surreal and crazy. Even up to the week before the launch, I wasn’t able to let in the excitement. Missing hugs from good friends and family, and motivated by the occasional glass of bubbles, I was still in denial. But we were ready…

And so here we are, mission accomplished

The ultimate duvet set I have been dreaming of has been created. Except that this is not the end of the journey for XV stripes. In fact, this is just the beginning. Already our amazing team has branched out into cushions, throws, wallpaper, lampshades and a bespoke design service. With so much creativity running through its veins, there is no stopping this team –apart from the parameters we have set ourselves for quality, colour, style and sustainability.


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