Blog 6: Walking around the island, inspiration, well-being and calm!

Blog 6: Walking around the island, inspiration, well-being and calm!

Here at XV HQ, the lockdown has provided a little bit of respite from the weekly commutes off the island, the chasing time and generally rushing from one thing to another. 

We've been lucky to have this time back, as it has allowed time to walk around the island to our favourite spots and beaches. It has also reminded us of the importance of taking time to be inspired by nature and just be present in the now.

Inspired by nature

Here on the island there are so many amazing walks and views, it is hard not to be inspired. When creating our cushions ranges, we took all our inspiration from images around marinas and boat yards. 

This was one of the reasons we took the photoshoot outside, as we did not want to be restrained by a particular style of room or mood. In placing the bed on the beach, we hoped to give our customers their own inspiration, to create a room of their dreams.

Recently our walks lead us to create the fun idea of the 'cushion tree', using our Solent Cardinal range. The yellow tone was a perfect match to the green hues of the morning sunrise on the downs, coupled with the view looking out to the Solent, where the real-life cardinals are located.

Nature inspired design

During the lockdown Vicky and I have been obsessing about seaweed. It really has become something of thing, we even have a shared photo album on our phones dedicated to seaweed. There are so many colours and varieties, not to mention the amazing formations and patterns that are created from one plant!

We are now working on some designs that will bring our obsession to life, which will present a new series to our interior collections.

As we develop this range, we are going to be sharing the design journey through our social feeds. We hope you will be part of the creative, as we post ideas, mood boards and colour schemes. 

Stay safe. Watch this space!


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