Early Fall Autumn Round-Up! ( Blog 24)

Early Fall Autumn Round-Up! ( Blog 24)

Phew, finally getting round to sending out our belated Blog!!

After a busy summer out on the water, we've moored up and hopped back onto dry land to bring you some exciting new ranges from our workshops.

But first, a recap of how it went at our pop-up event in John Lewis Southampton. We were in-store all week and had a lovely time setting up our XV showcase. We made some brilliant new customers and it was great to be able to show off our beautiful luxury homewares in a department store setting that's so familiar with many of you.

During that week we launched our Limited Edition range, where we source unique antique furniture pieces and bring them back to life. With the help of our antique dealer and upholsterer we revamped a gorgeous wingback chair, and two 20th-century modern oak box chairs. This is a great way of recycling once-loved heirlooms, and the resulting pieces go so well with our current designs.

We already have two more chairs lined up for remodelling – a Victorian slipper chair has just had the XV treatment in our signature stripes. ts come our all Alice in Wonderland or Charlie and the Cholocate Factory! The method of upholstery for this one is unusual, in that it involves a unique style of padding, where each stripe will have a separate pad.

We'll have be renovating more footstools and a lovely dressing room chair. Checkout the new Ltd Editions here

We also launched our new lampshades range, which is now live online. Again, we have sniffed out a recycled glass base and put them together with our custom-printed lampshade in one of our fabulous designs. The good news is they are all made in the UK. We can also change the colour electrical cords to match our designs, as they are visible through the glass; they're a stunning and bespoke addition to your home.

Cosy is the codeword for autumn. We'll soon be bringing out two velvet Designer's Guild cushion cover designs in rich burgundy or midnight blue. They'll come in two sizes, Oxford and rectangle, and they'll feature our classic XV stripe design. They'll add a bit of autumnal warmth to your lounge, and you won't need new inserts: just switch over your lighter, fully washable summer covers for these velvety beauties.

While its been unseasonally warm, we are getting ready for cooler months, with our English wool blankets back in stock, all the blues are here, so now there's no excuse for feeling chilly.

Stay warm, and keep your eyes out for our next roundup, with some wintry ideas and the first tinklings of Christmas bells.

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