Blog 16: September Round-Up - The New Year Starts!

Happy new year!

It may not be January just yet, but for many businesses (including ours) it is new year. The bit of the schedule that follows a new launch is always so similar to a new year, in terms of planning and optimism.

Last month we launched an entire new collection, the Seaview range. This was also our first collaboration, with the Hampshire Wildlife Trust (10% of all sales goes to them), and it meant organising a photoshoot. That’s why our Izzey found herself down on the beach at dawn, with photographer Holly Jolliffe.

‘We chose the sunniest day,’ Izzey says, ‘one of the last sparkly days of summer, and we started at 6.30am. If you shoot too late in the day you tend to get a harsh light. We were able to capture some lovely mellow tones as well as crisp blue skies. By the time it was 9.30 we were all done. 

‘We also had a swim, and some of our clients who were also swimming came up to say hi. Given that we only had a three-day window due to tide times and staffing schedules, we were so lucky – it was a really special morning.’

XV strayed a little further than the beach last month – anyone passing by Clems Fairs in Tisbury will have spotted our stall. Fairs are an opportunity to meet new and existing customers, and the feedback we get is so important. It’s often because of external enquiries that we make changes to the way we work – like selling our wallpaper to measure. Did you know we can print paper to the nearest half metre? Pop online to choose a pattern that’s perfect for you.

Back at XV HQ we’ve been getting into the Christmas spirit early: make space for table linens and candles, because we’ll have some gorgeous newbies on the website soon. For now it’s time to wind down the sailing season and put the boats to bed. This means more trips to the mainland, so look out for us at Clems Fairs and Knebworth in November, and Yarmouth Late Night Shopping & Ice Rink at Christmas.

Until next month, happy home-loving from all at XV HQ!

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