Welcome to 2022!

This seascape is the sight that our Izzey has been gazing at every time she sits at the desk in her little rental apartment in Nazare. You might have been forgiven for mistaking the beach for one of our own here on the Isle of Wight – in fact it’s on Portugal’s west coast, a haven for sand-lovers and surfers.

Izzey took herself off to Portugal as a way of starting 2022 with a well-earned break. The pictures she has been sending back home have served as a great reminder that there are times when starting out on a calm footing is the best (some might say only) way forward.

Like the rest of the world, we had a few crazy months leading up to Christmas. If we weren’t out on the stalls we were running around meeting suppliers, sending out our beautiful homewares to your door, planning new lines and finalising our next steps for the coming year. It made sense for Izzey to head to Europe just as Santa closed his workshop for winter.

Hang on though, you didn’t really think Izzey would take a total break did you? Of course not! While in Portugal she’s been catching up with some important local suppliers, talking up fabric, duvet covers, cushions and print patterns to ensure our beautiful homeware cupboards remain fully stocked.

Here at home we have been getting on with revamping the shop, creating more room by adding extra shelves, repainting every wall and making sure we’ve got a bigger space to show off all our products whenever you pop by. If you haven’t yet paid a visit please pop in.

So what’s next this year? Style wise we’ll be going back to our roots, sticking with our classic nautical colours. Keep an eye out for our new mood boards that we plan to share online, here’s a sneak peak below. This will be a way of showing you the thought processes that go behind everything we do: we thought you’d welcome the insight! Also stand by for two-year-old birthday candles this summer: we do like to celebrate with a brand new range, so get set for the big reveal!

Happy new year to you all, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, from XV HQ.


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