Duvet Sets & Bundles

Jacquard woven cotton, created by master weavers from sustainable sources, our duvet covers have a unique softness and natural vibrancy that reflect the spirit of ocean lovers everywhere. The XV stripes are synonymous with the name, odd colour stripes on the duvet and even colour stripes across the pillowcases, to create 15 distinctive blue stripes that create the XV brand. Our hand-made driftwood toggles, sourced from around the south coast of England, are used as fastenings to provide a touch of unique detail to the range. Vibrant colour. Softly woven fabric. Passionate attention to detail. And first-rate eco-credentials, our XV stripes range ticks all the boxes.

Our bundles have be created to bring the full coastal effect to your bedroom. All include our duvet sets, combined with a selection of key products to bring your room a fresh air vibe.