Home Furnishings

Embrace the coastal allure with our XV home essentials collection, where laid-back luxury meets irresistible charm. Dive into relaxation with our hand-crafted XV cushion range, featuring beautiful nautical imagery inspired by the South Coast. Scatter them like flotsam on the beach, ideal for adding a touch of seaside serenity to your home-office, study, or bedroom, perfectly complementing our XV stripes bed linen.

Wrap yourself in warmth and comfort with our oversized XV blankets, designed for snugly moments on the sofa, lazy mornings in bed, or cozy evenings by the fire. Crafted in partnership with British manufacturers, our blankets boast durability for both indoor and outdoor use, made from recycled cotton fibers or luxurious British wool. Choose from coastal designs or classic plain colors for a versatile addition to any space.

Bring the ocean's tranquility into your living space with our exquisite XV throws, designed to make a statement or layered for intensified color and texture. All our throws have sustainbability at the core, from sustainable cotton to eco-fibres. Elevate your home with these unique pieces, where every detail reflects our love for coastal living and commitment to quality. 

Complete your coastal-inspired space with our UK-made lampshades, paired with recycled glass bases with complementing coloured cords for each collection. Elevate your home with our handpicked collection, where every detail reflects our love for coastal living.

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