Hand-drawn coastal images create our range of wallpapers and fabric. Each designed to accompany a collectio theme.

At XV Stripes, every collection begins with a spark of inspiration—a theme or idea that sets the creative process in motion. From there, we meticulously craft a series of hand-drawn images, refining and expanding upon our initial concept. These drawings serve as the foundation for a diverse range of designs that seamlessly integrate across our product line.

Our wallpapers and fabrics provide us with a vast canvas to explore our ideas and themes to their fullest extent. Here, we give ourselves the freedom to let our creative imagination run wild, producing both intricate and minimalist designs that are all united by the original drawings, ideas, and themes.

For Vicky and Izzey, sustainability is paramount. That's why we are committed to developing products using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing techniques. Whenever possible, we prioritize partnerships with UK-based suppliers, ensuring that our products not only inspire but also contribute positively to our environment and local communities