Hand-drawn coastal images create our range of wallpapers and fabric. Each designed to accompany a collectio theme.

All of our collections start with an idea or theme, that we build into a concept. From this we start to create a series of hand-drawn images. We then refine that idea/theme using our drawings, into a variety of designs that can be applied across our product range.

Wallpapers and fabrics design, dive us a big canvas area to explore our ideas and themes to their full extent. This where we allow ourselves the luxury of letting our creative imagination to run wild. In this process, we can build both complex and minimal designs, that are all connected by the original drawings, idea and theme.

For Vicky and Izzey, it has been important to develop products that can be made using sustainable or eco-friendly materials and manufacturering techniques. And, where possible work with partners that are based in the United Kingdom.