Frequently Asked Questions

Always a challenge to convey touch through words alone. When we asked friends and family to describe it, these are some of the words that were most common:

- the blue is silky smooth, unexpected

- the ercu has great texture, so soft!

- different to just plain soft white cotton

- robust without loosing luxury quality

- lighter than expected

- looks good whether its ironed or not

Yes, we can ship to most places across the globe. Please email us at and we can talk through options.

Oh yes!

We're currently working on a grey striped fabric to go with our solent cardinal range. 

Watch this space in September 2020!

It does!

7 stripes on the duvet

8 stripes across the pillowcases.

Its one of our unique selling points!

We'd love to hear from interested parties about featuring our products. Please contact Izzey on

We are passionate about our products, from the way they are made to the way they are packed and delivered. At present, we keen to keep the engagement direct with our customers. This ensures we can add personal touches here and there.

Maybe in the future we'll have our own shop!

The simple answer is YES!

We'd love to see our XV designs in boutique hotels, restaurants and beyond. 

Please email Izzey at

We're really excited about our Spring Collection 2021.

As an advanced teaser, the designs will have a beach theme, including lighthouses to grasses.

With a new XV stripe colour palette.

Yes, we offer samples for the following products:

- wallpaper

- XV signature blue stripe.

Please email us at